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     Premium SMS Gateway Provider providing connectivity solutions for:

     - SMS / MMS / WAP / Premium VAS and Voice Services

     - Premium SMS connectivity to more than 250 network operators in 72+ countries.

     - Mobile Internet Billing / Direct Operator Billing in several countries

Various connection protocols supported:

 HTTP / HTTPS / XML / SMS 2 e-mail / e-mail 2 SMS
 UCP (EMI) / CIMD2 / SMPP V 3.4

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  • Premium SMS Connectivity in 72+ countries, covering more than 250 network operators through a single API.

    New support for Malaysia, Indonesia and Israel.

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  • New support for South Africa, UAE (United Arab Emirates) as well as 18 LATAM (Latin America) countries.

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Support / Help for tracking remaining SMS account credits

-> Help section
-> Using HTTP / HTTPS standard interface
-> Using HTTP / HTTPS XML interface
-> Using SMTP interface
-> Using SMTP direct addressing interface
-> Bulk SMS delivery reports
-> Track remaining account credits using HTTP / HTTPS

-> Please note that this section does not list integration documents for Premium SMS or IVR billing services. These documents are provided to contractual clients only.


Track remaining account credits

-> This method can be used for self service accounts to track the remaining credit balance from a remote application.

-> You can also define a credits limit in the administration section and we'll send you a e-mail notification as soon as your remaining balance falls below your specified value.

In order to pull account credits information, you should send requests to either:

  • HTTP Reception Gateway

  • HTTPS Reception Gateway

Accounts credits request parameters

The HTTP POST transmission string is composed of keywords with associated values, separated by equals sign (=). All such keyword=value pairs are connected with standard HTTP POST character &. The hole HTTP request should be URL encoded.

The MT request consists of the following parameters:
  • CMD
    (Fixed command value)

    (Your account name)
    Example: MyAccount

    (Your account password)
    Example: MyPassword

Account credits result codes

Upon reception of the MT POST transmission string,
the gateway will respond back with one of the following
possible result codes:

  • 01 1234
    (Where 1234 = remaining account credits)

    Error: The account doesn’t exist

    Error: The password is incorrect

    Error: Mandatory parameters are missing

    Error: Requesting host is not granted access
    -> For self service accounts, you can configure the trusted hosts from within the administration section.

Shell script examples using CURL

You can use any software or programming language for accessing the HTTP / HTTPS account credits interface. Below we are providing example scripts of the most basic part, using CURL for the request.

For the script examples, you will need to install the CURL version corresponding to your operating system:

  • Visit the CURL download page and download the version for your needs

Shell scripts for retrieving remaining account balance information

Linux/Unix/Mac OS X shell scripts



    ./ Account Password

Windows shell scripts

  • credits.bat


    credits.bat Account Password


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